1. Big North Wind

From the recording Big North Wind

Written by Dr. Lloyd Smith
Recorded at home in Denton, TX during Covid 19 Pandemic in September 2020.
Vocals and guitar by Steve D. Wilson
Additional instrumentation by Adam Rossi
Mixed by Adam Rossi at AR Audio, San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx
Project funded by Operation Encore, honoring Dr. Smith. An avid supporter of OE, Lloyd has donated multiple guitars to OE artists. Dr. Smith makes each guitar with precision and intricate craftsmanship at home in Davis, CA.
Also a songwriter and guitarist, Lloyd has penned a catalog of songs. In 2020, Operation Encore invited the artist-recipients of these fine instruments to record a selection of Lloyd’s songs on the instruments he created.
The project features Operation Encore artists Steve D. Wilson. Andrew Wiscombe and Stephen Covell.


Big North Wind
By Lloyd Smith

Woke up this morning
Hearing voices on the breeze
Looked out the window
Yes it was calling me
That big north wind is blowing
It moans a lonely song
I know it’s time to pack my bag
Be it right or be it wrong
Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh
Long as I remember
It was just Mama and me
She’d never let us settle down
Said we must live free
“When that big north wind’s blowin’ son,
Then we will move again
Let go all attachment
Just like ashes to the wind

We’d lay up in San Francisco
At the Sunnyside Hotel
Find our needs out on the street
Mama knew that Mission well
Many years have come and gone
And I’ve lived up and down this coast
From Bakersfield to Redding
With the big north wind and Mama’s ghost
Most folks in their cozy homes
Have happy dreams at night
I give mine unto the wind
And hope that they take fligh
But now I dream of going south
Where that big north wind must cease
I’ll try to make my happy home
Then I can rest in peace

Lyrics printed by permission