In a few days, I'll be playing my first show at The Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, California. 
You would think that after a lifetime of playing music, I would have played in California once.  Nope.  Never.

This will be my very first time performing in California, and yes..I'm excited as hell.

I get to play with the amazing dudes that helped put together both "Coming Back to Texas" and "This Journey Never Ends", I get to play and hangout with my #OperationEncore friends, and I get to PLAY MUSIC!  Sounds like an overall kickass situation to me.


I hope to see a bunch of my friends and familiar faces there.  I believe there will be some video crew filming the event, and we shall try to live broadcast some, but I will keep y'all updated.

Anyway, check out the two new tunes, I hope you dig the new website, and I can't wait to play for you!  Please share the songs, and spread the word. 
See you soon!


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