Who Did It Better?



Okay, maybe y'all can settle the argument...Who did it better?

Birdie v. Phoenix

Lotta bird references going on here. 

Much Love

The Black Doves vox aka Steve Wilson

ReDiscovering Gravity 

Another big week here, with DEG rereleasing the last e.p., Discovering Gravity.  Should be hitting Spotify, iTunes, and all your favorite streaming outlets within days.

You will also be able to get a hard copy CD if you so…

Mr Jones and Me

(photo by Parisa Moradi)

Day 3 

Saturday, AR Audio/Presidio Yacht Club 

After a 0330 bedtime, morning came with its own challenges on Saturday. 

I looked gratefully at the empty cereal bowl on the nightstand beside me. …

Dreams Of Californication Part 3

Friday, October 12 


We sat in the Green room, with the air filled with the smell of fresh pizza. 

I felt obligated to crack the seal on the bourbon to settle the nerves, and we awaited…

Dreams Of Californication Part 2

...Thursday 10/11/18

That night, we made our way across the bridge and into the city to AR Audio.

It was there where most of us met Adam Rossi for the first time.  He gave us a tour of his…

Dreams of Californication

I woke at the indecent hour of 3:30 am, to the groans of Rocky begging to go out, and the urgency of a 46 year old bladder that insists that I need a mid-sleep bathroom break every night, so as…


In a few days, I'll be playing my first show at The Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, California. 
You would think that after a lifetime of playing music, I would have played in California once.  Nope.  Never.

This will…