From the foreign shores of England, to the rolling plains of Wyoming, Steve D. Wilson brings a lifetime of stories to his writing that weaves the listener into every storyline. From heartbreak, to soulful gratitude, his lyrics create tapestries of emotion. 

While The Black Doves offers the singer-songwriter the opportunity to push his "harder" side, this is where you'll find the heart of Steve D. Wilson.  This is where the 16 year veteran of two military branches and multiple wars will win you over with real-life tales of love and loss, and the power of music. 
If you've caught him sitting on a stool, singing solo with his acoustic guitar, these are the stories that have captured your heart. 

In October 2018, in cooperation with Operation Encore, Steve D. Wilson has released his single "Coming Back To Texas" through Dotcom Entertainment Group. The same week, he released a song cowritten with Guy Jaquier on Buckeye Road Music entitled "This Journey Never Ends".  These two singles mark a musical milestone, taking his music in some cool new directions.  While his rock roots still show through, the Texas red-dirt has clearly rubbed off a little offering a little western flavor. 

Steve will be touring extensively in support of both The Black Doves, and his solo project in the fall of 2018 and the following year.


photo by Amy Tate

photo by Amy Tate